The Uberpop

Super RAD UberNews for 10/30

Posted in UberNews by theuberpop on October 30, 2009

Very sad news, Copeland announces break-up after their spring tour. (Alternative Press)

LOOK AT THIS: A cake made to look like Lil Wayne‘s head!!!  Very spoooooky stuff indeed. (Pitchfork)

Continuing with some mildly amusing rock and roll caricature: Blur, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop are set to appear in the forthcoming Lego Rock Band video game.  Check it out here. (NME)

John Mayer wears a hip pack, not a fanny pack. “Full disclosure, I’m wearing a hip pack. Needed a place to keep my magic tricks, my gum, my flashlight and my pen and paper.”  Tweeting an hour later, “Tons of responses claiming my hip pouch is a fanny pack. They’re like night and gay.”  You be the judge. (Twitter)

More to come…


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