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Gear Geekout Vol. 1: Session Arsenal

Posted in Gear/Technology Reviews by theuberpop on November 13, 2009

So…I’ve been a little busy recently.  This past week I played a session for a friend of mine, Sam Helig, and applied for a ton of jobs (such is the current climate of the music industry).  But hey, you’re not here to listen to me whine about that…let’s talk about some GEAR!!!  For the Sam Helig record (which I think is due out Christmas 2009/Early 2010-ish) we ended up running everything though my Goodsell Custom 33 head (the back of which is pictured below…please disregard my hair, I had yet to bathe) and THD 2×12 cab (not pictured).

Sam Helig Session Still 1

Guitar-wise, I relied heavily on my ’72 Telecaster Custom Thinline, but I also used my Fender Jazzmaster and Stratocaster.  We plugged in my ’02 Gibson Les Paul Standard, but it didn’t quite fit the vibe of the songs.  Between producer/engineer Paul Reeves and I, we had quite the selection of pedals to choose from.  I’m pretty sure every track I recorded was run through a vintage [Electro-Harmonix] Memory Man for depth of field.  Overdrive pedals included the awe-inspiring Greer Burning Goat and the Fulltone Twin-Drive.  There was a [Line 6] DL4, a Boss Phase-Shifter and a Tremolo pedal rounding out a few tracks.

Sam Helig Session Still 3

Overall, these were pretty straightforward sounds, but that’s what the songs called for.  We were mainly aiming for warmth and richness in all of sounds, and I think we hit that pretty efficiently, but you’ll have to wait ’til Sam’s record comes out to find out for sure.  OUT.